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New Rome, NY Apartment Community: Be A Part of Something Special

Welcome to Your New Rome, NY Apartment Community

Your new Rome, NY apartment community provides so many opportunities for you to explore. We’ve put together the top spots you need to visit in your new community.

The Outdoors

If you enjoy spending the day outdoors, then, there are so many places for you to visit. In our new Rome, NY apartment community guide, we’ve broken down the best parks, playgrounds, and outdoor trails you need to check out. There are so many you’ll have fun exploring them in every season.


  • Haselton Park – Located right by Air City Lofts, this is a quick, five-minute walk from your front door. This nice green space is full of lots of grass and room to enjoy.
  • Triangle Park – With a playground, this is a perfect space for kids to play and roam around.
  • Riverside Park – Located right on Mohawk River, this picturesque park is a great place to play and relax.
  • Pinti Field – This park to features a public swimming pool that you or your family can enjoy in the summer.
  • Guyer Field – Right next to Strough Middle School, this public park has a large playset perfect for your family.
  • Fort Stanwix Park – This quaint small green space is located in the heart of Rome, NY. It has a tennis court, walking trails, and a playground.
  • Gryziec Field – This large park and field is situated right on Pools Brook.
  • Bellamy Harbor Park – Featuring a mini waterfall and a water tower, this is a landmark place that you need to check in Rome, NY.
  • Veteran’s Memorial Park – This park honors the veterans who served and then went on to live or have lived in Rome, NY.

Walking Trails

  • Griffiss International Sculpture Garden and Nature Trail – Located within the Griffiss Business and Tech Park and just a short walk from your new apartment at Air City Lofts, you’ll be able to enjoy their unique art sculptures and beautiful paved walking trails as often as you’d like.
  • Mohawk River Trail – This 300-mile canal train runs throughout New York State. It’s a shared pathway that connects residential sites, local parks & schools, and historical sites.
  • Delta Lake State Park – With a sandy, public beach, this is a favorite for residents who enjoy the water and camping.
  • Pitch Pine Bog Conservation Area and Nature Trail – This nature trail located near Rome, NY is a perfect loop to explore beautiful wildflowers and wildlife. This is a dog-friendly spot on our new Rome, NY community apartment guide!

Hiking & Biking

  • Erie Canalway Trail – This 365-mile cycling trail goes from Albany to Buffalo. It’s suitable for all ages and sizes, making it a great experience to try with your family and pets.
  • Trenton Greenbelt Hiking Trails – This is a 2.1 mile lightly trafficked loop near Barneveld, NY. This spot is the farthest place from Rome, NY to go hiking, but worth exploring.
  • Rome Sand Plains Unique Area – Right by the Fort Rickey Discovery Zoo, this 15,000-acre pine barrens consists of four great hiking trails. This is one of the most hiking-friendly trails to check out on our new Rome, NY community apartment guide.


As a resident at Air City Lofts apartments in Rome, NY, you’ll find the perfect mix of a quiet, small town and an active, bustling city. There are new activities to explore around every corner. Read our activities in Rome, NY apartment guide to find out why you’ll love to call Rome, NY home.


  • The H.P. Sears Oil Co., Inc. – With free admission, you can spend then day at this restored 1929 gas station that features antique gas pumps, light poles, and billiards. They’re located 201 N. George St. in Rome, NY. To contact them for more information, call (315) 339-5180. This is the only landmark in our new Rome, NY apartment community guide!
  • The Rome Historical Society – If want to learn more about the local history dating back from the Ice Age to the present, head on over to The Rome Historical Society.

Visual and Performing Arts

  • Rome Art and Community Center – This multi-art facility contains various performing art spaces, studios, and art galleries. There are many events that take place here throughout the year, including live music and children’s events. Visit their website or contact them at (315) 336-1040.
  • Rome Community Theater – Formed in 1953, The Rome Community Theater features performances conducted by local residents. To see what shows and other events they’re offering, check out their website or call at (315) 337-5920.


  • Jervis Public Library – This historic library was originally built as the residence of John B. Jervis in 1858. Here, you can browse a large collection catalog, DVDs, and other community resources. They’re located on 613 North Washington St. in Rome, NY. Call (315) 336-4570 for more information.


  • Rome Family YMCA – If you’re looking for community activities or a gym with a pool, the Rome Family YMCA will give you all that and more. You can find them at 301 West Bloomfield St. in Rome, NY.
  • Mohawk Glen Golf Course – This golf course is located three minutes away from your Rome, NY apartment at Air City Lofts. Here, you can enjoy a great day on the golf course while enjoying a gorgeous country club. You can find them on 880 Perimeter Rd in Rome, NY or call them at (315) 334-4652.
  • Fort Stanwix – If you’re a history buff or want to see an impressive Nation Monument, head over to Fort Stanwix. Here, you can learn about the role the fort played in the American Revolution or sign up for free events suitable for all ages. Learn more by visiting their website.
  • Fort Ricky Discovery Zoo – Animal lovers rejoice! Located in Rome, NY, is Fort Rick Discovery Zoo that’s home to a variety of native and exotic animals. It features engaging animal interactions with fun activities for kids of all ages. You can contact them, here.