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Ideas for What to do With an Extra Bedroom in Your Apartment

Making the Most Out of Your Extra Bedroom

An extra bedroom is a wonderful “problem” to have. Living space is precious, and you’ve got some to spare. For single tenants or single-bedroom couples, a multi-bedroom apartment unit presents an exciting opportunity. That extra room may be empty now, but it’s full of potential. 

Here are our 10 favorite uses for an extra bedroom. 

1: Add a Bed and Create a Cozy Guest Room

A guest room is a practical use for a spare bedroom. This provides a great chance to experiment with a fun and cozy decorating scheme

A guest bedroom isn’t cluttered with anyone’s personal items. So, it’s easy to turn this space into a tidy, inviting room for your guests to stay in during visits. 

2: Working From Home? Set Up a Home Office 

The work from home movement is more than a trend. Lots of folks are spending part of the workweek at home—but many workers aren’t lucky enough to have a suitable home office. 

If you work professionally from home—or even if you just need a proper space for managing personal finances and household affairs—a home office is a smart way to use your extra bedroom. 

3: Personal Studio for Art or Music

For artists, musicians, and craftspeople, a home studio provides the ultimate escape. It doesn’t take much space to create an amazing studio, especially if you commit the room 100 percent to that purpose. 

Set up your workstation (artist easel, guitar amp, etc.), a place to sit, and some storage, and you’re all set. Your spare bedroom can quickly transform into a dedicated hideaway for pursuing your passions. 

4: Large Walk-In Closet

Turn your spare room into the largest walk-in closet in town. Outfit the space with decorative hanging racks, shelving, and a full-length mirror. 

5: Home Theater for Movies or Gaming

Do you love the theater atmosphere for watching movies and shows? How about an immersive, surround sound experience for video games?

With modern high-definition TVs, you can be seated close to the screen and still see the pixels well. For a 40-inch TV, you only need about 80 inches between the TV and your seat. For a 55-inch screen, a distance of around 110 inches is suitable. 

Along with your large-screen TV, all you need is some reclining furniture, speakers, and a coffee table. 

6: Go Green With an Indoor Garden

Plants can brighten your mood and fill your home with life and fresh oxygen. Why not turn your spare bedroom into a mini greenhouse?

Choose hardy houseplants like spider plants, snake plants, and succulents. If you’ve got a green thumb, you could even try some food-bearing plants like microgreens, mint, or basil. 

7: Too Many Books? Have Your Own Private Library

Line your spare room’s walls with bookshelves. Add a few comfy chairs and some warm lighting, and you’ve got the perfect place to hide away with a good book. 

8: Home Bar

Have you ever dreamed of having your own home bar? Go for it. 

Turn your apartment into the one that your friend group loves to visit. You don’t need much space to build a cozy little pub. 

Add a freestanding bar, a few stools, a mini-fridge or wine cooler, a mounted TV, and a sound system. You’ll be all set for a night on the town… right down the hall. 

9: Home Gym

Even a small bedroom offers more than enough square footage for a formidable home gym.  

Leave as much space as possible open so that you have plenty of room for dynamic movements. Add a cardio machine, a yoga mat, and a rack of free weights, and you’re good to go. 

10: Create a Peaceful Wellness Room

Everyone could use a pleasant place to unwind and feel centered. If you prioritize meditation, yoga, and peaceful living spaces, why not devote an entire room to wellness?

A wellness room doesn’t need much—it’s really more about what’s not in the room, i.e. electronics and work-related items. All you need is some artwork, a shelf for items like incense or bells, and an open space to stretch and meditate. 

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