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Your Relocating to Rome, NY Guide: What to Explore

Discover What Relocating to Rome, NY Looks Like

If you’re thinking about relocating to Rome, NY, there are so many great things you’ll need to consider. That’s why we’ve put together this relocating to Rome, NY guide, so you can easily see for yourself what your new lifestyle will look like. With so many new activities and adventures to go on, you’ll wish you moved here sooner!

Let’s take a deep dive into the big employers and activities located around you. Trust us, you won’t find apartments this close to all of the action anywhere else in Rome, NY.

Top Employers in Rome, NY

In our relocating to Rome, NY guide, we’ve put together the top employers in Rome, NY. Not only do they help shape the lifestyle within Rome, NY, they also are an integral part of the community, especially if you work at one of their establishments. Discover what businesses shape the Rome, NY community, such as:

  • Orgill – Founded in 1847, this independent hardlines distributor delivers quality programs and services to independent retailers. It’s the world’s largest independent hardlines distributor with annual sales of $3 billion. It serves more than 11,000 retail hardware stores, home centers, pro lumber dealers, and farm stores throughout the United States and Canada. It even provides services to over 50 countries across the globe! Each facility, including the one in Rome, NY, has some of the newest and most efficient distribution facilities in the United States. As the fastest growing distributor since 1990, it’s no wonder why we added this company to our relocating Rome, NY guide.
  • Turning Stone – This world-class casino and resort features world-class amenities, such as five hotels, two luxurious spas, five golf courses, more than 20 dining options, and a 125,000 square foot Vegas-style gaming floor, a cabaret-style Showroom, a 5,000-seat event center, customizable meeting and conference spaces, and four nightlife venues. It’s one of the largest businesses on our relocating to Rome, NY guide! It’s also one of the most fun and entertaining places people in Rome, NY come to work and play at. Here, you can enjoy so many activities and experiences.
  • Rome Laboratory – As the nation’s premier research organization for Command Control, Communication, Computers, and Intelligence and Cyber Technology, we had to include this on our relocating to Rome, NY guide. There are so many great technological advances that occur here that help transform data into information, which helps the Air Force and Nation maintain its superior technical advantage.
  • The Defense Finance and Accounting Service – This government organization provides the Department of Defense with business intelligence, finance, and accounting information. It directly oversees payments to Department of Defense service members, employers, vendors, and contractors.
  • Mohawk Valley Health System – As the Rome, NY community’s healthcare system of choice, Mohawk Valley Health System’s services impact patients, residents, coworkers, medical staff, and volunteers within the community. This institution has been caring for the Rome, NY community since 1830, making it the oldest business on our relocating to Rome, NY guide.
  • Griffiss Business & Technology Park – Located right next door to Air City Lofts, Griffiss Business & Technology Park is a vibrant center for public and private enterprise. This is one of the most successful business and technology parks within the United States. It also employs thousands of people in the technology, manufacturing, aviation, office, education, and recreation industries. This is one of the most impressive and largest organizations in our relocating to Rome, NY guide.

Top Businesses that Shape the Rome, NY community

It’s clear that there are impressive and well-established businesses within Rome, NY. Not only do they employ thousands of people and support the local economy, but they also add to the lifestyle and culture of the region. For example, Griffiss Business & Technology Park built the Griffiss Sculpture Park, which features various hiking and walking trails. It’s also one of the largest sculpture park in America, and it features a variety of artist and styles. This is one of the many ways local businesses have added to the landscape and culture of Rome, NY. Also, with so many large businesses, you’ll find the Griffiss International Airport. Having a local airport right by Air City Lofts makes going abroad or across the United States that much easier!

These are only a few examples of how Rome, NY has changed for the better because of its impressive local businesses. If you want to learn more about Rome, NY and the large employers around Air City Lofts, contact us. We’re ready to answer any questions you may have about Air City Lofts and the great employers encompassing it.