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Luxury Modern Apartment Decor Ideas for Summer

As the weather grows warmer and we anticipate the arrival of summer, it’s the perfect time to transform your luxury modern apartment into the ultimate staycation. With a few decor updates, you can pack away the winter blues and look forward to more time in the sunlight.

Looking for some inspiration for decorating your apartment? Check out this list of decor ideas for luxury apartments:

Swap Solid Curtains for Translucent Ones

During the summer months, capturing as much daylight as possible will help breathe new life into your apartment. Swap heavy, dark, and/or opaque curtains for ones that are more translucent and colorful. Materials like lace, linen, and light cotton can let the light shine through while still controlling the intensity.

This is also a perfect time of year to experiment with brighter and more creative color combinations. Try out new shades of yellow, red, blue, green, and other non-neutral tones to add a different flare to your window frames.

Use White Bedding and Furniture

When daylight enters through the window, white fabrics and paints help further brighten the room. This can help boost your mood, reduce your reliance on artificial light sources, and create a more calming atmosphere while you enjoy some time at home.

Plant Colorful Flowers

Have a green thumb or know how to browse a gardening department? Add some new flowers near your windows or on your patio or balcony. Not only will they smell delightful, but they add some new color and personality to the rooms they’re planted in. You can also choose ones that have petal colors similar to any brighter summer fabrics you’re using.

Turn Your Patio or Balcony Into an Outdoor Destination

Whether you have a ground-floor patio or higher balcony, you can turn it into an outdoor destination with a few simple decorative upgrades. Here are some quick ideas to get started:

  • A bar cart to always have refreshments on hand
  • An electric grill to easily serve up some delicious food without taking up too much space
  • Comfortable patio seating to recline on a sunny day
  • A colorful umbrella to provide plenty of shade
  • A freestanding bar counter to bring the fun of an afternoon on the town to your apartment
  • An electric mini-fridge or wine cooler for round-the-clock chilled beverages
  • An outdoor dining set to have friends over for lunch or dinner

Add Beachy Flare to Your Space

Whether you live near a lake, seashore, or further inland, you can bring the spirit of the beach home with you. Decorations like shell motifs, wall-mounted surfboards, oars, anchors, and other similar objects can make it feel like the beach is right down the block, even if you’re closer to the mountains than the water.

Change Your Lampshades

Most lampshades are interchangeable and can be altered to match the decor of the rest of your apartment. As with curtains and other fabrics, swap out your lampshade for a brighter color to add another touch of summer to your living space.

Do a Little Summer Cleaning

Though the phrase is normally “spring cleaning,” you can also do a little summer cleaning to create more open space in your apartment. You may not notice some instances of clutter until you are able to view your apartment in the more intense summer sunlight. Take an afternoon to declutter and redecorate.

Swap Out Your Wall Art

Are your walls covered in artwork that features heavy tones, dark colors, and wintery imagery? Swap these pieces for ones that feature brighter, happier images and colors that can help bring a sense of creative inspiration to your apartment in the warmer months.

Introduce Summer Scents

Who doesn’t love a nice candle or scented soap? It’s time to finally put away the peppermint hand soap and cinnamon candles from wintertime. Use brighter scents like citrus, aquatic notes, and sweet florals to tie the whole atmosphere together.

Reset the Dinner Table

Along with your fabrics, art, and fragrances, your dinner table may also need an update for the summer months. Use brightly colored tablecloths, table runners, placemats, seat cushions, and any colorful dinnerware that you have.

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