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How Luxury Apartment Amenities Enhance the Renting Experience

Moving into a new apartment is an exciting time. You have the opportunity to choose your own space, design it to reflect your personal style, and make it into a home that’s uniquely yours.

However, when searching for the right apartment, it’s not just the unit itself that you should consider. The amenities offered can play a big role in enhancing your living experience. From fitness centers to on-site laundry, a luxury apartment should offer residents amenities that help create a lifestyle of true comfort and convenience.

You might be wondering, though, what exactly is the difference between a luxury apartment and another rental option? Today we’re going to cover the amenities that separate luxurious living space from the rest. First, let’s start with the apartment interior itself.

Premium Surfaces and Finishes

When your apartment looks incredible, you feel more motivated to keep it clean, tidy, and clutter-free. This can also contribute to a happier and healthier living environment for yourself and anyone else who lives with you.

Luxury apartments typically feature higher-quality surfaces than other rental options. From wood grain plank flooring to solid surface countertops and stainless steel appliances, you can move into a space that will surely complement any aesthetic or decorative preference.

Another major perk that luxury apartment options provide is a thorough renovation between renters. Before your move-in date, your living space is given a complete makeover to restore it to as-new condition so that you can make it your own without any maintenance issues ruining the experience.

More Space to Love Where You Live

For many renters, a major appeal of a luxury apartment lies in the extra space and storage it offers. With more square footage to work with, you can enjoy more room to spread out and really make yourself at home.

Other features like on-site storage for personal belongings like bikes as well as built-in closet organization systems can provide even more places to keep your possessions. You will not have to worry about cluttering up your closets or having to sacrifice space in your living room to keep everything you love in one place.

Lastly, having more space also means that you can entertain guests more easily. Imagine hosting a dinner party or game night in your spacious new home!

Spend Less Time Away from Home

Luxury apartments offer more on-site amenities for individuals and the entire community. When the weather cools down, traveling to do laundry or exercise can quickly feel like more of a chore.

Instead, by choosing a luxury option, you can expect that most of the amenities that you desire in your daily life are all provided for you within a few minutes’ walk from your front door. For example, an on-site fitness center or an in-apartment laundry washer and dryer can save valuable time and money.

Do you also love the outdoors but do not want to have to leave home to enjoy the fresh air? A luxury apartment will typically include a spacious balcony or patio where you can spend some time outside without having to leave home.

…But Still Close to Everything You Need

Though luxury apartments do provide more amenities that allow you to spend more time at home when you want to, many of these communities are also located in highly desirable neighborhoods near fantastic shopping, dining, and work options. You can access everything that you need within a short walk or drive.

For example, Air City Lofts was designed to offer premium living options right next to the Griffiss Business & Tech Park as well as host on-site retail space. We chose the location specifically to offer residents a quick commute as well as the convenience of having easy access to goods and services they need.

Lastly, a luxury community’s walkable proximity to essential destinations allows you to save money on transportation costs while reducing impacts on the local environment. You can spend less money on fueling up your vehicle, which also results in fewer emissions.

Live in Your Own Luxury Apartment in Rome, NY

If you are living in Rome, NY, and are looking for a new apartment where luxury becomes the standard, schedule a tour with us at Air City Lofts. Located adjacent to the Griffiss Business & Tech Park along with numerous nearby shopping, dining, and services within walking distance, you will have everything that you love about New York State Living all within a few minutes from your front door.

Each of our apartments includes the amenities that today’s renters demand. From in-unit washers and dryers to an on-site fitness center, private balconies, and premium interior surface finishes, you will love calling our community your home.

To learn more, view our full list of amenities or schedule a tour with us today.